7 Things Movies Make You Believe About Love

For us hopeless romantics out there, our guilty pleasures of swooning over Jack Dawson whilst devouring popcorn on the couch and wallowing in our un-loved up lives, can potentially serve as more harm than good.


Because we are conditioning our expectations of love to a standard of idealism, not realism. The sooner we combat these comparisons, the more content we’ll be in our own relationships.

So, without further adieu! Here are 8 things movies lead you to believe about love.

 Flirting with strangers is the method to finding your soul mate

Ever heard of stranger danger? That wisdom goes flying out the door in blockbusters. I mean, yes it may lead to happily ending up with Noah Calhoun after he suicidally hangs from a ferris wheel to manipulate you into going on a date with him…but on the other hand, you could wind up being stabbed in a bathtub by Norman Bates…


Kisses are always magical

Let’s face it, out of all the people you’ll kiss in your life, and all the different..uh, techniques people use, you’re bound to experience at least one smooch that isn’t half as hot as the person you’re sharing it with. (Queue flashback to that time you were attacked by a serpeant-tongue)


Inspirational music will always be there to reassure you that what you’re feeling is perfectly rational

Then again, thanks to the likes of Spotify, there’s always someone who understands our pain, right?


Your ex will always be a jerk/wanker

 While it is perfectly natural to grow apart from people and relationships at times, quite often the one you’re letting go of is actually a decent person which makes it harder. It can be tempting to play the blame game, but sometimes we just need to admit to ourselves that while our partner may be great, for whatever reason they’re just not great for us.


It is perfectly okay for a girlfriend to slap her boyfriend – brave, actually

This one has had me baffled for yonks. In a society that rightfully frowns upon violence against women, why are women often applauded for abuse against men in movies? Violence is not the answer. Equality, for all, y’all!

 When you’re in love with someone, they’ll always feel the same for you

Love isn’t always a two-way street. Communication is key and it’s important to be honest about your feelings for one another to avoid any mixed signals or bruised hearts.


It is a great idea to keep your bedroom door open before getting intimate

 If I had a penny for every time an on-screen couple had hanky-panky without any effort for privacy, I’d be a trillionaire.

I just feel for the poor chap who walks in on couples performing the ‘Spread Eagle’ (Cell Block Tango reference, anyone?). Unless they’re actually hoping for a threesome, in which case, the more the merrier.

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