21 Unique Date Ideas

Whether it be a first date with that guy/girl that we’ve spoken all of 10 words with, or an occasion to spice things up with our long-term partner  – preparing the perfect date can be quite stressful. It gave me the idea to create a post of not only date ideas, but categorise them into particular styles and stages of dating.

What date will you go on next?

The First/Fun Date

It’s no secret that first dates are generally the most nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know your date very well. So how do you choose a date that leaves room for conversation but won’t make your palms sweat in the event of awkward silence?

Opt for dates where you’re actively doing something. That way you’ll be in an environment for conversation and fun, but also have something to focus on in case it turns out to be a bore.

Try things like:

Theme park

Let’s be honest, you could go to a theme park with an unconscious person and still have a great time. Waiting in queue is the perfect window of opportunity to get to know each other, and seeing who gets the most terrified on thrill rides is bound to evoke laughs in the future.

Mini golf

I don’t know about you guys, but getting cheekily competitive and/or failing abysmally always calls for fun.

Ice skating

Lights…camera…action! (cue adorable hand holding)


Whether it be shopping or eating, night or day, everyone can agree that the joyful ambiance of markets is infectious. Although if you’re after a cosier atmosphere and the chance of a midnight smooch, opt for the evening visit.


Just imagine…you’re in the bush, dressed in khaki, fending for your life with fluorescent paint-pellets. You get shot in the head, your date demolishes the enemy and brings you to safety. In the best case scenario, whilst in hiding, you may share an intimate moment. G rated or R rated – depends how well you can hide.


It’s pretty hard to top a go-karting date, that’s for sure. I do hope you learn from my mistakes and not barge a child-driver off the track, though…

 The Let’s-Share-Some-Laughs/Casual Date

So you’ve been on the first date and already know this person – it’s no doubt that there’s chemistry. Time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Try things like:

Karaoke (bond over sour notes)

The best part about these nights is the sense of unity when you’re equally as bad as the next guy. It’s like Britain’s Got Talent –sans talent, deliberation and Simon Cowell’s infamous hair. Admittedly, you may require the help of alcohol.

    Comedy show

Quite often people associate comedy shows with a hefty fee, but you’ll be surprised at the amount of free entertainment around – try searching for student or beginner comedy nights.

    Trivia night

Okay folks, trivia isn’t only for the old. The best part about it is there are no boundaries – you could even host your own trivia night.

     Dance class

Sweat + eye candy + great music = sexy.


When not performing in theatre, I’m watching it. And let me tell you, an excuse to get dressed up and show off your beau whilst watching live entertainment calls for a swell evening. To top it all off? Getting drive-thru McDonald’s on the way home.

      Sports game

In all honesty, the best date I’ve been on was watching a live game of Rugby in a massive stadium. The atmosphere is crazy! Whether you’re cheering for the same team as your date or not, the feeling of excitement and competition will be sure to have you buzzing.

The Let’s-Bond-More/Intimate Date

Now you’re at that stage where you’re really enjoying your partner’s company but want to share more of yourselves together and really solidify your bond. Try things like:


What could be better than working together to help others? When you feel good within yourself, you feel even better sharing those experiences with someone special. If you’re not sure how to go about it, find info on your local charity’s website.

       Game night with friends

There comes a time in every relationship where you meet the mates. What better way to do that than with games and drinks? Getting along with your partner’s friends is crucial, and making an effort will go a long way. Never Have I Ever could be a recipe for laughs, and possibly a break up. I’ve you’ve murdered someone, don’t confess.

       Drive-in movie

There’s something very intimate and old-fashioned about creating your own pillow-hub-car while watching a movie classic. With some picnic food, a blanket and your tracky dacks, you’re all set!

       Cook dinner together

As long as it’s edible, you’ll either laugh at how horrible it tastes or high-five at how awesome it is. Win either way, right? I once tried to make a lemon cake without lemons…needless to say the risk did not pay off. But now I have a story to tell!


All you need is wood, matches, sticks and marshmallows. Bonus points if someone owns a guitar.

The Romantic Date

And finally you reach the stage of pure contentment within your relationship, and want to clarify what you mean to one another and perhaps make things official… *squeal!*Let’s face it, this date has to be perfect.

Try things like:

      Lookout under the stars

Snuggling on the bonnet of a car whilst star gazing can be the most relaxing, romantic way to unwind. It’s totally cliché – meaning the idea has been pre-loved and practised through generations. Trust your ancestors!

       Rent a boat for the day/night

Whether it be a small tinny or powerboat, letting your hair out and soaking up the ocean air whilst exploring offshore islands calls for adventure. Come sunset, bring out the champagne and indulge in your private getaway.

       Blanket fort and board games

Put down the electronics and take a trip down memory lane – giddily awakening the child in all of us. When feeling so joyous – there’s no better time to communicate how much you mean to one another.

     Camping (emphasis on beach camping)

A night away from civilisation, snug in a tent whilst listening to waves crashing as you fall sleep. The best part? No reception, no one around. Just you two and the ocean. Paradise.

What’s the best date you’ve been on?

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