10 Things I Am Grateful For

The last few months have been some of the most testing of my life.  Most of my issues were self inflicted which was both a blessing and a curse.

I recently deferred from my Creative Writing degree due to several fuck-ups caused by disorganisation and a lack of drive. Don’t get me wrong, the degree itself was quite suited to me but studying on the other hand, not so much. My aspirations used to be predominantly career-oriented and I was habitually sweeping my inner discontent under the rug in hope for a brighter future. However, since a friend from school recently passed away, I’m coming to terms with what it truly means to have only one life. My aspirations now are less about the future and more about the present. I’m starting to weed out wasted energy on negativity and stress, and figure out what makes Angela happy. 

I don’t know whether I’ll ever have a career – maybe I’ll just flock between jobs for the rest of my life. But I do know that for as long as I enjoy what I’m doing, I’m ticking the boxes.

So, I’m asking you to put your worries aside, and think about 10 things you’re grateful for, no matter how insignificant or selfish they may seem.



10. I have the privilege of sleeping in a warm and safe bed each night, accompanied by a pillow that supports my head, curtains that block the light from outside, and an alarm clock that helps me be a somewhat-punctual person.

9. I’ve never lived a day of worrying about access to food, water, clothes or shelter. That statement alone rolls off my tongue with ease, but to millions of others the thought is unfathomable.

8. I have a beautiful body. I’ve legs that take me places, arms to cuddle with, a nervous system to feel, a voice to sing…and above all, a vessel of life. The latter is something we all share in common.

7. I can wiggle my nostrils. It’s a fantastic party trick!

6. My bestie is my soulmate. She’s the rarest human I’ve met and sparkles in so many others’ lives. I’ll stop before I get too mawkish.

5. Weet-bix is affordable. Token, the likelihood of a breakfast cereal exceeding the price I’d be willing to pay for it is minimal. But regardless, I love my yum yums and I’m grateful they can feed my tum tum for less than $5.

4. I’m grateful that this list is nearing its end because my bloodshot eye is really starting to irritate me. I’ve been staring at this screen 4-hours too long – I’ll hit the sheets in ten (wrote ‘shits’ before correcting it to ‘sheets’ – whoops).

3. I’m not allergic to anything. You know the health sections of school excursion forms you had to fill out as a kid, asking you to specify any allergies or health conditions? I was able to tick ‘no’ in every box without reading the list. I certainly wouldn’t take that for granted anymore.

2. I know that no matter what (or who – *chuckle*) I end up doing in my life, my parents will always love me, care for me and wish nothing but joy upon my future endeavours.

1. To simply exist.




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