Spot the Pun

So…it’s already October, shit’s getting serious. Christmas is officially here (almost) and I could not be more excited! The Mariah Carey Christmas album has already made its 2016 debut on my recent car trip, much to the dismay of fellow commuters. Given that Christmas is a time of joy and card-giving, I felt this post was appropriate.

My mother and I visited the Eumundi Markets recently and stumbled across a quirky card stall created by the lovely Lisa Radin – click here to visit her website. At only $1 per card, I thought I’d best snatch up a few of these babies and use them as inspiration for a few of my own handmade gems. Though not festive, the neutrality of these cards suit any occasion.

From Mr Martians to funky flamingos, Lisa’s creations are my cup of tea

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And with that, I proudly present you with my ever so punny (get it?), ill-written works of art!

We’ll just pretend my writing is perfectly centered



and my favourite….


I bloody love hippos! Forgive the, uh – unforgivable legs…this hippo ain’t going very far



If you’re like me and were not blessed with an abundance of creative skill, I hope this post has inspired you to create thoughtful cards with a bit of funk!


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