What I’ve Learned This Week


Sometimes fear is the same emotion as excitement; it means you’re breaking new ground. This time last week I was dreading the thought of my first day at the new job. I ignored all 6 missed calls and 4 adorable voice messages from Dad wishing me well on my big day. Tossing to the other side of the bed with an anxious stirring in my stomach, I attempted to block all thoughts of the day ahead and bask in the few moments of peace before Mr Alarm disrupted my zen.

One week later brings me to this sentence. I’m sitting on a moderately comfortable metal stool, overlooking the harbour with not a customer in sight. Rain is bucketing, birds are dipping their claws in the sea and people are scattering for shelter.

I work at an ice cream parlour. It’s a kiosk which means we have three open sides and get all the perks of working outside with the bonus of shelter. Other than a red and white striped apron, our uniform is whatever we choose to squeeze into each day. Denim shorts, a singlet and sandals seem to be my go-to.

If you’ve read my post ‘Smurf in the City’ you’ll know that job interviews aren’t my forte. What was different about this one? It was the combination of a relaxed setting on a picnic bench, the ease of being so close to home, and the welcoming and unpretentious interviewer, Roger, who is now my boss. I think I won him over the moment I slapped both palms of my hands on the table, excitedly pleading, ‘this job is perfect for me!’

In hindsight, I’m not sure why I was as nervous as I was for the trial. Perhaps it comes with the territory of the unknown. I kept telling myself that showing up is 90% of the work and that all it takes is a few seconds of courage for something great to come of it. You’d think I was preparing to impress the Queen with my rendition of Caro Mio Ben. Although I’d prefer to embarrass myself in song than serve her a shit cappuccino. I’m yet to make a single coffee with an unbroken crema.

You may be wondering why I’m writing and not working. Business has been quite slow this week and we’re allowed to sit and read in our downtime. I prefer to write though.

Roger grew up in South Africa and moved here three years ago. He has a zest for experiencing all that life has to offer. We’ve spoken of his businesses, adventures, life in South Africa and how privileged we are to live in Australia. He no longer sleeps with a loaded gun under his pillow.

I now work thirty permanent hours each week and finally have some routine in my life. I’ll be able to save for travel and work in an environment I enjoy. I’m thankful for forcing my bottom out of the car on 19/8/16 and braving the unknown – it lead me here. Life is too short to let opportunities pass by, and even if the opportunity doesn’t turn out the way you’d hoped or expected, experience evokes wisdom. I’ve tried to set myself a simple goal each time something arises; just show up. Everything else will come naturally.








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