5 Things Inspiring Me Right Now


Stockholm and Berlin are the cities that spoke to me the most artistically while I was away. I was enlightened on the impact that art can have worldwide, especially when speaking for those without a voice. Whether political or personal, I’ve realised that we can all be good at art without knowing what to do with a paintbrush. It is merely a creative form of expression. Singing with a loofah in hand whilst butt naked in the shower is technically art.

Colourful fashion:

If you’d have told me a few months ago that I’d add two pairs of sparkly shoes to my collection, I’d never have believed you. I was going through a phase where my minimalism affected the colours I wore. I decided that neutral tones were the most stylish and represented my newfound simplicity. In the past few weeks, however, my wardrobe has been splashed with life as I’m less concerned with what is conventionally stylish and more focussed on what feels bangin’ at the time. Right now, that’s sparkles.

My camera:

It speaks to me, I swear. It’ll call out from under a pile of maps and pamphlets in my backpack whilst we’re walking down the street, coaxing, ‘Take me ouuut. You know you want to capture that busker right there. You’ve got one shot – pun intended.’ Yes, my camera can talk AND make jokes. I obey. Alas, after hours of getting side tracked with shooting, the restaurant closes. A full SD card outweighs starvation, though. Zero regrets.


As I recall saying to my step mum not too long ago:

‘I’ve been eating an awful lot lately – never had such a big appetite in my life. I find myself thinking about food most of the day. I really need to slow down otherwise I won’t fit on the plane home!’

I became obsessed with food, bowing my head whenever I realised I was too full to eat anymore. It may sound funny, but I was genuinely concerned! In hindsight, it was during a 46-day camping tour I was on a month ago. My body was craving more nutrients than usual to cater for the physical and mental exertion I was experiencing. I’ve tried so many different foods over here and I’m excited to return home and experiment with different recipes and cuisines.

Being away from home:

There’s a quote that goes, ‘When overseas, you learn more about your own country than you do the place you’re visiting.’ There’s truth in that. Alternatively, it’s made me realise that I don’t know enough about my country; especially my city. I’ve put it down to a lack of urgency to explore what is already so close to home. When I was a teenager, I didn’t dream about road tripping around Australia and uncovering what’s on my doorstep, I dreamt about walking the streets of Rome and feeling like it’d lead to self discovery and eternal happiness.

After venturing out and seeing so many places, I know that the best one will always be where my heart is. Right now, that’s Aus. Being away from home has inspired me to A) go to the beach more, we’ve got incredible ones. B) look at Brisbane with fresh eyes – where haven’t I been? Go there. C) gaze at the night sky: when I’m back home I’ll know that everyone I love most in this world is under the Southern Cross with me. That’s one thing I’ve missed while in Europe. D) Spend more time with family and friends: living in proximity to my loved ones is SO convenient. I appreciate that now.


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